About Manbque

ManBQue is a men’s grilling and lifestyle organization born out of Chicago’s rock ‘n’ roll community and grown into a global network of DIY grillers, music lovers, craft-beer aficionados, and adventure seekers. Our members come from all walks of life to share in innovation, friendly competition, and all things meat, beer, and rock ‘n’ roll. Once a month, in cities from Boston to Los Angeles, and in countries from Costa Rica to Thailand, our chapters meet in backyards, back alleys, beaches, and anywhere else they can set up a grill to temporarily cast aside the responsibilities and conventions of their daily existence in favor of good food and drink, and to enjoy being a guy.

While our monthly “meatings” are a lynchpin of our organization and a test kitchen for some of our wildest ideas, ManBQue hardly ends once the last bites have been eaten and the last embers from the last grill fade out. We host fun and exciting food and music events featuring incredible emerging talents. We teach workshops organize beer tastings, and brewery tours. We’re active in our community, raising money for local causes, and partnering with small businesses to create unique opportunities for their clientele (Want a burger with that tattoo? We’ve done it!).

Our website, staffed by a group of devoted food, beer, and music experts from within our ranks, provides a community point for our members as well as engaging, original content for our quickly-growing national readership.

See you ‘round the grill! MANBQUE!!!