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Home Brewing 101: Fermentation

by Dave Dahl – Lo Rez Brewing Your brew day work is done and it’s time for the yeast to take center stage in the fermentation step of brewing. This Read More

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Home Brewing 101: Brewing Beer

By Dave Dahl – Lo Rez Brewing Brew day is the what makes home brewing an addictive hobby. You have all your equipment and ingredients, now it’s time to put Read More

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Home Brewing 101: Ingredients

By Dave Dahl – Lo Rez Brewing You have all your equipment and now you’re ready to dive in and make the best tasting beer in the world. Take a step Read More


Oklahoma: A Budding Brew State

(Image source: Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival) Red dirt, BBQ and the OKC Thunder aren’t the only thing worth visiting Oklahoma for nowadays. With the ever-expanding craft brew scene across the United Read More

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Columbus, Ohio Brewery Profile: Zauber Brewing

By Ed Kowalski With little fanfare outside the tight-knit Columbus, Ohio craft beer community, Geoff Towne opened Zauber Brewing, a small operation located in Grandview Heights, in 2012. His mission? Read More

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Zum Wohl! ManBQue’s Oktoberfest Beer Review

By John Scholl The slight chill in the air seems to trigger the release of Oktoberfest beers throughout the U.S. This is one of my favorite styles of beer. Perhaps Read More

Dos Osos

American Beer Tasting

By Travis Hiller America. What a beautiful country. She’s the land of liberty. She’s the land of abundance. Let’s not forget that America the Beautiful is also the land of Read More

ManBQue 3 Floyds Dark Lord Review 2014 Variant

Finding the Dark Lord: A Journey to the Depths of Munster Indiana

  -Tickets (The Planning Phase) The journey begins weeks before the event, as I have 3 screens open in an attempt to get tickets.  I knew they would go quickly, Read More

Le Merle

3 beers to try this weekend: by Chef Todd Davies

So say you find yourself at your favorite beer store and don’t know what to get, you need a hero to save you. We may not jump in a fire Read More

Beer week

Chicago Craft Beer Week: Events you MUST attend!

It’s finally here, Chicago Craft Beer Week; that time of the year where I wished I was cloned and had a chauffeur. All the craft beer scenesters in Chicago put Read More

Cheers to Dark Lord!

ManBQue Does Dark Lord

“Dark Lord Day is the only day of the year to buy Three Floyds Dark Lord Russian Imperial Stout. DLD is a festival where participants can meet other beer enthusiasts, Read More



Manbque Meat Stadium The Meat Stadium is an homage to and modeled after the original Soldier Field in Chicago, IL, home to the elite grilling organization known as Manbque. The Read More

What is a MEATing?

If you ever wondered, “what is Manbque” or “what is a MEATing?” Well, this is what we’re all about. Manbque MEATing Read More


The Band: Danzig The Recipe: Jersey Breakfast Dog CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE WHY?: Danzig is from Jersey and he would never eat bacon wrapped anything, so if we offered this Read More



The Band: Social Distotion The Food: In-N-Out Double-double burger CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE The Other Band: The Tossers The other food: Irish Potato and Bacon Soup CLICK HERE FOR Read More