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23 Thoughts on Riot Fest 2015

Why hello there. Nice to see you again! Me? I’m the dude who’s covered Riot Fest for the past 2 years. Seriously.That, and all the other articles, and you don’t Read More

ManBQue Dre Day

2015 Dre Day Chicago Preview

By Matt Kuhnen Dr. Dre is an institution for hip-hop heads, crate diggers, and bedroom producers. He’s a true pioneer of the G-Funk Era who has influenced generations and launched Read More

butcher and the burger ManBQue class

Butchering at Butcher & The Burger

By Adam Palmer This past December, my wife decided that she was going for “wife of the year” with her birthday present for me: A private butchering class at Butcher Read More

ManBQue Chicago Top 10 Tacos DS Tequila

Chicago’s Top 10 Tacos Not on a Top 10 List

It’s back! Thanks to the success of our previous (Not) Top 10 lists, ManBQue is bringing you Round 3, and it’s TACO TIME! In case you missed our previous posts, Read More


The MBQ Guide to the Best Summer Ever

By Kevin DeLury Wow, what a soul-crushing winter! I’m not being cute. The winter of 2014 was the textbook definition of “spirit-breaking” (I read a lot of weird textbooks). The good Read More


What the Hell Were They Thinking: (Hot) Doggie Style

By Meryl Fulinara There is nothing I am more passionate about than meat in tube form. And yes, I realize stating that right below the words “doggie style” probably isn’t Read More

It’s Okay To Cask: Whiskey Competitions

By Mike Janowski The 40-Year-Old Virgin’s guide to appreciating fine whiskies, whiskys, and the like Welcome to another installment from your sodden and not-so-humble correspondent. Apparently, April turned into National Read More

ManBQue 3 Floyds Dark Lord Review 2014 Variant

Finding the Dark Lord: A Journey to the Depths of Munster Indiana

  -Tickets (The Planning Phase) The journey begins weeks before the event, as I have 3 screens open in an attempt to get tickets.  I knew they would go quickly, Read More

Chicago Best Wings Top Wing ManBQue

Chicago’s Top 10 Wings Not on a Top 10 List

Start a discussion of the Top 10 anything in Chicago and you’re likely to hear repeats of the same places that the Trib, the Reader, or the big food blogs Read More


This Is Not A Test: Blood Eagle

Welcome to the first installment from the new ManBQue Metal Correspondent – Dr. Dangerous. His aim will be to share new music, local shows, good stories and, because it’s the fucking internet, some wild Read More


The Official MBQ Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Assholes

Preamble: I want to recognize the hard work of Amanda Mastenbrook for creating many of the images  in this article. Make sure to check her out at Vintage Modern Love. Read More


The Godfather’s Shrimple (Simple Shrimp) Recipe

The Set-up Jumbo, uncooked, peeled and deveined shrimp (As many as you want to scarf down) Thick sliced bacon, we recommend butcher cut bacon (Half a slice of bacon per Read More

What is a MEATing?

If you ever wondered, “what is Manbque” or “what is a MEATing?” Well, this is what we’re all about. Manbque MEATing Read More

Friday and the Man B Que hangover…

Friday is here, FINALLY! I can’t complain too much, this week has been pretty great. Well, any week that starts off with a Bears win over the hated Packers on Read More