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ManBQue - Wings - Kellys Pub

Chicago’s Top 10 Wings Not on a Top 10 List

Start a discussion of the Top 10 anything in Chicago and you’re likely to hear repeats of the same places that the Trib, the Reader, or the big food blogs Read More


This Is Not A Test: Blood Eagle

Welcome to the first installment from the new ManBQue Metal Correspondent - Dr. Dangerous. His aim will be to share new music, local shows, good stories and, because it’s the fucking internet, some wild Read More


The Official MBQ Guide to St. Patrick’s Day Assholes

Preamble: I want to recognize the hard work of Amanda Mastenbrook for creating many of the images  in this article. Make sure to check her out at Vintage Modern Love. Read More


The Godfather’s Shrimple (Simple Shrimp) Recipe

The Set-up Jumbo, uncooked, peeled and deveined shrimp (As many as you want to scarf down) Thick sliced bacon, we recommend butcher cut bacon (Half a slice of bacon per Read More

What is a MEATing?

If you ever wondered, “what is Manbque” or “what is a MEATing?” Well, this is what we’re all about. Manbque MEATing Read More

Friday and the Man B Que hangover…

Friday is here, FINALLY! I can’t complain too much, this week has been pretty great. Well, any week that starts off with a Bears win over the hated Packers on Read More


Mariachi’s, Zombies and Ass-plosions, oh my!

Whoa, is it Friday already? Well, another work week down the drain. This one started off rather painfully. Lemme explain: Sunday morning tailgating, all day drinking, and Sunday night karaoke Read More


Friday morning drive and a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe!?!

My Friday drive to work is always a great time to think about the week that was; Successes, failures and everything else in between. The week started off with a Read More


Man B Que, August Edition: Spice and Pigs

From the outset, the August Man B Que was a bit different. Traditionally, the Chicago Man B Que is normally held the last Thursday of the month, but due to Read More

(Re)Introduction to Destruction: Five Songs, Metal as Fuck

It has been suggested that perhaps I offered a low-key introduction of myself as music writer on the Manliest Blog Of Them All. I stand by my love of Buena Read More