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Man Beer School: Study Abroad, Amsterdam

I arrived in Europe tired and alone after a delayed redeye flight. It was early morning and, despite pilfering the family pharmaceutical closet for an appropriate sleep aid, I did not Read More

Man Beer School: Study Abroad, Photographic Research

H. Vulgare recently returned from a journey through Western Europe and Scandinavia in search of the regions’ finest beers. Look for his full report, Man Beer School: Study Abroad, in Read More


Man Beer School: Water, Beer’s Under-Appreciated Sound Guy

  Over three posts, I have declared these statements to be true: -If we compare a batch of beer to a rock band, it’s easy to see the importance each Read More


Man Beer School: Top Five Overlooked Beer Styles

  Beer. It’s good shit, right? As craft beer has taken off  in the United States over the last twenty years or so, many people (my readership included) have really Read More


Man Beer School: Yeast Is Like A Lead Singer

Yeast. It’s kind of a nasty word. Scientifically, it’s a fungus. To us humans (scientifically, we’re homosapiens), the 1,500 known yeast species serve a wide variety of purposes. But this Read More


Man Beer School: Malt, The Rhythm Section of Beer

Man Beer School: Malt, The Rhythm Section of Beer: Let’s take a moment for an analogy. Beer is like music. You can drink your shitty Kid Rock beer (American Badass Read More


Man Beer School: Pumpkin Beer. Did Somebody Say Bullshit?

Here we go… Time to ruffle some feathers. I know I can’t be alone here, but I am apparently in the minority on this one. We’re in the middle of Read More


Man Beer School: Why Brewing With Friends Is A Good Thing

*note the knives on the wall, in case things turn not-so-friendly   Man Beer School: Brewing with Friends: Okay I hate pretty much everyone. In fact, I might even hate Read More


Man Beer School: Let’s Make Some Fucking Beer!

I know you’ve been there. You’re sitting at the bar and you’ve already had a few drinks. Your favorite beer is sitting in front of you, and you’ve dusted that Read More